Sunday, August 28, 2011

Strong---Have Faith

Our guild member Kathy of The Creative Eye created that wonderful collection.  Here's a peak into her shop:

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Guild Challenge: Autumn Memories from Childhood

For the end of summer our guild decided to have a challenge in anticipation of the Fall season.  Specifically:  create something from a childhood memory of the season.

I loved seeing what memories can prompt us to create!

Our first memory comes from Sue of  QuiltTops.  She says: "My childhood memory is that seeing pumpkins in a pumpkin patch would remind me that my favorite holiday, Halloween, was drawing near. The memory is now made into a pot holder that has been paper pieced and quilted."

Pumpkin Patch Pot Holder
Angela of MyGirlyGear was inspired to create a couple of entries. 

"The childhood memory that inspired me to make this item is a ceramic pin or brooch my grandmother always wore in the Fall and always on Thanksgiving.  I remember thinking when I was little that it was the most beautiful thing in the world.  It had flower and it sparkled.  In reality it was kind of big and not something I would ever wear, but as a child I thought it was amazing." 

Straw Hat - wall or door hanging
Her second entry:  "This item for the August challenge was inspired by lots of different little things I made as a kid in school for Halloween but done with a grown up flare, like cheese cloth ghosts and pipe cleaner spiders. This yarn wreath is adorned with pom-pom and pipe cleaner spiders and cheese cloth and syrofoam ball ghosts both with googly eyes and it's backed with spider webs. Whenever I see it, it makes me smile!"

Halloween Wreath

The gorgeous hair clip that follows is by Amy of BellaMia.  She says "I love the natural beauty of fall! I remember always coming home from a walk in the woods or just from our backyard with my little collection of fall leaves, flowers, or acorns in my little hands. I still can't go trekking in nature without gathering some treasures to enjoy. This hair clip reminds me of those little momentos."

Autumn Hair Clip

The last couple of entries are from Janet of Honey from the Bee.  Both of her entries are earrings.  "Whenever I think of my childhood memories of Autumn I can't help but think of Halloween and dressing up.  I loved being scared when I also had the safety of my parents being with me."

Spider Elegance
The second pair:  "The fall season on our farm meant waiting for the pumpkins to ripen.  The garden looked so cold and dead except for the beautiful bright orange orbs."

Pumpkin Harvest
If you like any of these items, please click on the caption or photo and you'll be taken to the item's page in the handmade artisan's shop.  Have fun poking around their other items, too.

Enjoy the changes in the season!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soft White Summer

The Creative Eye collected all those great items from member shops in our Guild!  She has a wonderful creative eye for jewelry making.  Check out some of her items in the thumbnails below:  

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lovely Lavender

Sue, from QuiltTops, created that soft and lovely collection.  It seems very fitting since one our our Pacific Northwest towns, Sequim, just celebrated their 15th annual Lavender Festival.

Here is a peak into her shop:

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