Friday, November 12, 2010

Michelle Ballard Artfire Studio

We would like for you to met our newest member Michelle Ballard from
Camano Island, Washington - United States

"Mom of five here.. and as they grow and move out I am finding myself with lots more time on my hands. I love spending time walking on the beach, near my house and I love making jewelry.. I am having a lot of fun putting both of these loves together and making jewelry from the treasures I find on the beach :)"
This is a beaded book mark that is just over ten inches long with about two inches of beads/glass on each end. Total length is 14 inches. Brown and black beads with a couple of light colored wooden beads and a piece of brown sea glass on each end

This Sea Glass bracelet is made with 4 pieces of sea glass that I found while walking on the beach. Each one was brought home and washed and then I soldered around each piece.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well I would like to thank you all on this new adventure on starting this blog. I sure hope we can get this site off the ground and with all your help it may just work. I'm not much on writing, but can help build this site and get our Pacific Northwest Artfire Shops noticed.